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This week, as our kids, parents and teachers get back into regular school sessions, Dale Russakoff’s much-anticipated book, “The Prize” hit shelves. The book, which has been receiving accolades for its detailed coverage of the $100 million grant by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, has raised a great deal of new interest in the educational transformation taking place in Newark over the past five years.  But in all the analysis, one seminal point should not be missed:  That the efforts of dedicated teachers and families have shown and are continuing to show are yielding tremendous successes for Newark’s children. In fact, a recent analysis shows that due to the growth of high performing charter schools, African American students in Newark today are twice as likely to attend a school that outperforms the state average as they were when we opened our doors over a decade ago. The vast majority of this improvement has come from charters.

Here are the pieces covering The Prize:

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We’ll update our listing as more press becomes available.