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How to Tell if a Career in Education is Right for You

“Is this the right place for me?” Recruiters see the wheels turning in candidates’ heads all the time. Many candidates and potential candidates wonder about whether or not teaching and […]


How to Write a Resume Recruiters Will Read

Resume writing is hard stuff. For teachers, it is even harder because traditional advice on writing a resume may not always translate. Since that’s the case, here’s some advice to […]


Effectively Keep Students Engaged with SLANT

Every teacher knows a class paying attention has a much better chance of mastering objectives than one off task, but how do you keep kids engaged and focused? Even more […]


Six tips to help you plan and teach a better sample lesson

Every teacher knows prepping a lesson plan isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you’re prepping for a lesson in front of a new audience —  30 kids you’ve never met […]