It’s the kind of school building worth running to each morning: Following a twenty-one million dollar renovation, KIPP Hatch Middle opened to students and families this past August. 

Blending 20th-century architecture with 21st-century upgrades, the school includes a sunlit gymnasium, an 800-seat auditorium, state-of-the-art classroom technology, and even a game room for students that serves as an incentivize for academic excellence. 

Already, students are taking advantage of this building. Catch them in action inside below!

Original lamps, new wall inspiration. This bright vestibule greets students as they enter each morning.

School Operations Manager Anzania Preston speaks with Director of School Operations Tyler Middleton. “It’s our goal to make sure every family that walks through our doors feels heard, supported, and like an extension of our own families. We collaborate to maintain a positive and enriching environment for our students and share a goal of seeing their kid win in every way possible.”

Hatch has Camden pride in spades: A mural of the skyline of Camden adorns the building’s main office. 

Eighth-grader Zamyra Quiles celebrates a basket in KIPP Hatch Middle’s sunlit gymnasium. Hatch offers athletics like basketball, flag football, and cheerleading alongside extracurricular activities like cooking club and Girl Scouts.

The renovated auditorium has retained its charm and offers a stunning backdrop for student performances and community events. 

One of those events is the Hatch Games. Here, teacher Kynisha Stevenson leads students in a sing-off during the school’s monthly Hatch Games in the auditorium, where the community comes together for friendly competition and to celebrate academic growth.

Cameron Jackson dives into a great book during independent reading. Students are encouraged to read independently each day and explore a variety of books. 

Eighth-grader Jashon Powell tackles Algebra problems with support from teacher Carly Scott, who joined Hatch in 2022.

“I want eighth graders to see that they control their growth regardless of where they start the year. They will improve if they approach each concept with an open mind and curiosity, believe in their ability to learn new things and commit to practicing and implementing feedback. I want them to feel ownership over their growth and success so they’re well-prepared for high school,” said Scott. 

Science teacher Ryan Weaver has been with KIPP Hatch Middle (formerly KIPP Whittier Middle) since it was founded in 2016 and seeks to make science engaging for his students.  

“Science empowers us with curiosity and a way to understand the world around us. Through investigations, experiments, simulations, and our learning, we make connections, form ideas, and test our hypotheses. Science is everywhere!” said Weaver.

Anthony DeGannes is a history teacher at Hatch. “One thing I always push about the importance of history is that if you know better, you do better. You have to get kids to see that history is not boring," said DeGannes.

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