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Meet KIPP Accelerator Fellow Kei-Sygh Thomas!

Congratulations to Kei-Sygh Thomas, a journalist and KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy alum who was recently named a 2022 KIPP Alumni Leadership Accelerator Fellow! This year, 23 remarkable KIPP alumni from […]

Supporting Every KIPP Graduate: Step Inside our KIPP Through College and Career Program

KIPP Through College and Career Director Kyla Kenny and her team have one ambitious mission: To ensure every graduate of KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy middle schools and our KIPP High […]

Here’s 5 Tips to Help Interns (And Their Supervisors!) Make the Most of a Virtual Internship This Summer

By Samantha Crockett College students and recent graduates fortunate enough to have landed a summer internship during the COVID-19 pandemic might be wondering what the experience will look like outside […]

Nailing your video interview is more important than ever. Here’s how to do it.

What’s new, what’s the same, how to get to the next step in your career. Do you remember your first time preparing for an interview? It probably involved picking out […]

From Student to Teacher: How One Teacher Found Success—and Support—at KIPP Newark.

  Even during his high school years as a student in Jersey City, Justice Baskin knew he wanted to pursue a service-oriented career. As a student at Caldwell University, this […]

Six interview tips you’ll want to know, from our recruitment team

Interviewing requires a lot of thought and preparation. We sat down with the KIPP New Jersey recruitment team to learn a little bit more about what pitfalls usually trip up […]


Five Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

If you have looked for jobs recently, you probably already have a LinkedIn profile. That’s a great start to get noticed online, get some job recommendations sent to you and […]


Ten Books You Should Read This Summer

It’s almost officially summer. If you work in a support role like me, you probably don’t get your summer off, but the pace of things slows down enough to do […]


How to Tell if a Career in Education is Right for You

“Is this the right place for me?” Recruiters see the wheels turning in candidates’ heads all the time. Many candidates and potential candidates wonder about whether or not teaching and […]


How to Write a Resume Recruiters Will Read

Resume writing is hard stuff. For teachers, it is even harder because traditional advice on writing a resume may not always translate. Since that’s the case, here’s some advice to […]