After the events of the past few days, we’re horrified. Shocked. Speechless. And while the killings of two more black men by the police are devastating, it is an obvious time to have a conversation with kids.

But how do you have those conversations? What’s appropriate? We’ve compiled some resources for you to help with these difficult, tough conversations.

Find a developmentally appropriate approach – Here’s a guide for different ages that might help.

Be honest and genuine

These are tough conversations. Here are some ideas about how to have this conversation with your child.

Talk about what your child can do to de-escalate a situation

It’s unfortunate that we have to teach this to our kids – that we can’t count on adults to de-escalate a situation. The reality is that they’re going to experience racism, bigotry, hate, and prejudice in their lives, and they need to be prepared to deal with that somehow.

Talk to kids about racism and bias

Here’s a guide on talking about racism with kids.

Remind them that we have to be the change we seek

We’re all hoping for the day when your kids and our KIPPsters can wake up and not live in fear. We’re only going to get there as a collective effort. Here’s our message to our kids. We’re sorry that we live in a world like this. We all have to work collectively and productively to change the way our society looks at race and inequality. It’s going to take all of us.

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