Our students are in school early and stay late to maximize their learning time. Here is a glimpse of what a sample day can look like across elementary, middle, and high school.

7:15-7:45 AM Doors open at KIPP schools across Newark and Camden. KIPPsters might arrive in homerooms or the school cafeteria for a “brain” breakfast— which consists of healthy options to get them ready for the day ahead.

8:10 AM Our kids love to read! Students in elementary grades engage in read alouds, shared reading, and/or close reading.

8:54 AM High school students head to homerooms for a quick 10-minute catch up with their advisors. Then it’s on to second period.

9:00 AM Elementary students transition from text study to writing where they work on a short story they’ve been drafting.

10:35 AM Middle school students transition from text study to math where they tackle challenging problems by deconstructing them. Meanwhile, 11th graders are in AP History with Mr. Fleming, preparing to master the AP exam’s challenging document-based questions.

11:25 AM Middle school students sit in small groups with a teacher for guided reading. Guided reading gives students a chance to wrestle with a text just above their independent level with a teacher there to give them strategies to help build their comprehension.

11:35 AM Elementary students enjoy lunch as one big group with time for fun and socializing. Later in the afternoon classes will also enjoy some time outside during recess.

11:50 AM High schoolers work on a block schedule, so while some are at lunch, these students are learning chemistry.

12:35 PM Did you say Recess?? These middle schoolers head for the gymnasium to let loose after lunch.

1:18 PM Parlez-vous français? Students in 11th grade French 3 do.

1:55 PM Middle school students enter their strategic reteach block, where teachers meet with students for small group instruction. This allows students to stay on track, even when they hit a bump in their academic journey.

2:50 PM Fourth graders head to specials classes, either art or movement, depending on the day. In different grades, students receive different extracurricular classes.

3:40 PM Free Choice Centers – After working hard all day, students in 3rd grade get some time to choose something to focus on during free choice. Before dismissal, middle school students have community time either as a grade level or in small groups to celebrate achievements, learn a character lesson, or just have fun.

4:00 - 4:10 PM KIPP schools dismiss. Some students head home, some stay at school for extended care, and others participate in afterschool clubs like basketball, flag football, drumline, dance, anime, and dozens more.

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