Like many parents, KIPP Lanning Square mom Anna Martinez is pretty busy. With three children-- a kindergartner and first grader at KIPP Lanning Square Primary and a sixth grader at KIPP Lanning Square Middle--any given school year throws her a handful of bumps, bruises and ear infections that might require time off of work for her-- and time out of the classroom for her children.

Recognizing the need of parents like Ms. Martinez, KIPP NJ and Cooper University Health Care joined forces to launch the Cooper Health Center at KIPP Lanning Square. Open year round and available to all KIPP families in Camden, the Center fielded more than 600 visits from KIPP students, including over 100 well visit appointments, last year.

One of those visits was from Ms. Martinez’s son Antonio during an asthma attack. “Normally that would have required me to take him to the ER immediately,” said Martinez. “But this time, they were able to tell me what was happening and keep me informed throughout the day. He even went back to class that same day,” she said. “They’re nice, they’re respectful and they listen to your concerns. And they’re fast – it doesn’t matter how big or small the issues are,” she added.

According to Elaine Paynter, a pediatric nurse practitioner at the Center, their work allows children to spend more time doing what matters: learning. “Sometimes they’re surprised, but children who respond to treatment can go right back to class! We also run strep tests and provide vaccines, which is peace of mind for our parents,” said Paynter.

Here’s how the Cooper Health Center at KIPP Lanning Square can support your family--and allow your children to spend more time in the classroom:

  • The Health Center is open every day school is open--and throughout the summer months.
  • The Center treats all KIPP + Head Start students (including KIPP Whittier Middle students), regardless of primary care provider.
  • It provides walk-in sick visits – a sick child will be seen on the spot (and can stay at school if he or she is ok).
  • No more long waits at the doctor’s office! The Center offers convenient well visits and vaccinations, including school physicals and sports physicals.
  • The Center’s nurses can write prescriptions on the spot to your local pharmacy.
  • Your daughter/son won’t have to miss school for an appointment--and oftentimes our Center gets a sick child back to school sooner though quicker treatment and diagnosis.
  • We help parents avoid missing days of work. You can give permission for your sick child to be seen without you.
  • Does your child have asthma? Keep your child’s condition under control – you can refill medication, and we can provide oxygen on site to prevent missed school and ER visits.

KIPP Cooper Norcross families: Be sure to set your child up for a healthy school year by making an appointment for a well visit today! You can call at 856-536-1511 to schedule an appointment. Parents can fill out an enrollment packet for the Health Center anytime at KIPP Lanning Square’s front office.


Notes From Our Health Center:

“Our work at the Health Center allows parents access to convenient, quality health care. We work proactively and reactively. At our well visits with parents, we take a thorough history of each child and answer any questions the parent or student might have. We go over medical conditions and come up with a plan to respond to any problems.

If a child has asthma, we can treat with a nebulizer and monitor them. We can run strep tests and provide vaccines. It’s truly comprehensive healthcare that allows us to keep parents informed and oftentimes stay at work, comfortable their child is receiving high-quality care.”

--Elaine Paynter, MSN, APN.C
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

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