Every year, KIPP New Jersey offers students and staff the chance to share their best writing through our community Writing Contest. 

We’re grateful for the imaginations of students like Dominic and the work of teachers like Ms. Ivy who help cultivate lifelong curiosity in their students! 

“Can You See It?”
By Cassandra Iverson (AKA Ms. Ivy!) 
ELA Teacher, KIPP Purpose Academy

The future sits in front of me,
their smiles, hope, and curiosity,
paint the picture of what I know will be,
the future we all need.

Artists, teachers, scientists,
inventors, musicians, and activists,
young people who will heal our planet,
just as we have imagined it.

Limited only by their will to be,
but not by what they can achieve,
these faces that sit before me,
hold the future we all need.

Politicians, authors, mathematicians,
nurses, fire fighters, and pediatricians,
they are more than the careers they choose,
they are more than they believe to be true.

Can you see the endless possibilities?
Their questions, their voices, their discoveries,
their grows, their glows, their reveries?

There in their joy, I see the future as it should be.

"As Of Now"
By Abdoul Diallo
Student, KIPP Newark Community Prep 

As of now, "simple" is a distant past,
As of now, the world has been overtaken by the future,

No walking, No driving,
No buses, no cars,
Only teleportation and flying,

The world was reworked, bit by bit,
Paper textbooks, wooden pencils, where have they gone?
Replaced by advanced technology,
Replaced by artificial intelligence

Where before you would walk down a simple sidewalk,
Now you travel in a pod that can extend at will.

What has before been a paper textbook,
Is now a screen that hovers over a desk.
School, now being something that you can do from home, or from anywhere,

Another generation ahead of our time,
This is our new world.

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