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Celebrating Essential Workers in Our Camden Team and Family

When COVID-19 arrived in March of 2020, essential workers across the world had their personal and professional lives turned upside down as they navigated a new normal. The same was […]

Psst…Rising Seniors: Here Are the Secrets to Nailing the College Application Process!

KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy senior Tyranique Freeman never expected to be applying to college during a pandemic when she entered high school in 2017. But armed with a passion for […]

Connection & Community: Spotlighting the KIPP Newark Alumni Network!

On February 7th, 2020, a group of nearly sixty KIPP Newark alumni gathered for a networking happy hour at the TRYP Hotel in downtown Newark. The gathering was the culmination […]

Connection, Creativity, and Service: Extracurriculars During COVID-19 

When COVID-19 schools forced schools to go remote in March of 2020, KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy senior Makylia McGee didn’t know what the move meant for her favorite school club, […]

“History is Now:” A Day in the Life of Remote Teaching With Ms. Cabrera

When Jo’Nella Ellerbe Cabrera started her position as a founding history teacher at KIPP Newark Lab High School in 2019, she never thought she would be teaching remotely before the […]

6 Tips For Choosing the Right School For Your Child

By the time a child in the U.S. graduates from high school, they will have spent over 13,000 hours in school—so it’s no surprise that parents across the country spend […]

We Set The Weather: Helping Children Stay Mentally Healthy in a Time of Uncertainty

How can my child maintain relationships with friends and family? How do I explain what we see on the news? What can I ask to find out if my child […]

Alumni Entrepreneurs Make Their Mark

Our alumni have big dreams, and they’re making them a reality. These four young entrepreneurs represent only a fraction of our team and family who are making their mark by […]

Community Voices: Shaping a More Equitable World

Breonna Taylor. Eric Garner. Tamir Rice. Trayvon Martin. These names represent only a small fraction of the people killed by police violence. This year, the murder of George Floyd brought […]

The Road to College During COVID-19: Six Tips for Success

This year, the class of 2020 faced challenges on their journey to college that their predecessors at KIPP Newark Collegiate Academy never encountered: the effects of a global pandemic. Between […]